‘I tried a powder that claims to make tequila taste like water — here’s my verdict’

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‘We vowed to find a solution to the age-old problem of shotting spirits’ (Picture: Getty Images)
‘We vowed to find a solution to the age-old problem of shotting spirits’ (Picture: Getty Images)

Leave it to two university students to find a way to make doing shots as easy as drinking a glass of water.

FIZZR is the brain child of Harry Otvos, 22, and Solomon Moryoussef, 21, who wanted to come up with a solution to what they call the ‘age-old problem’ of downing shots.

They ended up producing FIZZR, a sachet of powder you pour onto your tongue. As it fizzes and foams in your mouth, you then down your shot. The idea is that FIZZR should conceal the taste of your chosen poison and make it taste like, well, nothing.

As with so many great ideas, the inspiration for FIZZR came to the boys on a night out.

‘We were on our uni ski trip in April 2022, getting ready for a night out and having a few drinks when disaster struck and we ran out of mixers.

‘Doing anything to avoid drinking straight vodka, we had to think a bit outside the box. We had on us some vitamin powder sachets intended to be put in water and consumed after skiing to replenish energy levels. We experimented with the powder and realised it made the spirits more tolerable while also providing health benefits.

‘From then on, we spent the best part of a year testing different flavours and formulations to create a product that was specifically designed for this purpose – the first of its kind.’

So what’s actually in their magic powder? Sol explains it’s an energy vitamin powder that contains, ‘B vitamins, ginseng, a pinch of caffeine and containing zero sugar.’

They call ginseng ‘the world’s best kept secret,’ and says its ‘known to increase energy and cognitive awareness.’

So not only does FIZZR make shots taste good, it makes them better for you too?

Yes, it sounds too good to be true – so I put their claims to the test.

I bumped into Harry and Sol in the queue for the loos at Notting Hill Carnival. More than a few rum punches down, the idea of drinking alcohol that didn’t taste like alcohol was pretty appealing.

Once I’d got past the shock revelation that they’re both still at Leeds University (the phrase ‘side hustle’ didn’t exist when I was at uni), I dutifully did as instructed, pouring the powder onto my tongue.

It tastes zesty – a bit like sherbet – and while it was still foaming away in my mouth, I then added a neat shot of vodka into the mix too.

If doing a shot normally is 10/10 on the ‘this is horrific’ scale, FIZZR brings it down to a 3/10.

The vodka wasn’t tasteless, but it was much more palatable – no retching, eyes watering or questioning your life decisions. Essentially, you can take a shot without needing five minutes to recover.

It’s kind of like a chaser, but before you drink. And considering I used to chase my tequila with Smirnoff Ice, this is definitely a better option.

‘Won’t it encourage people to binge drink?’ I asked Sol. But the pair say the powder could actually do the opposite. If you only bring three sachets of FIZZR with you on a night out, according to them, you’re only go to do three shots.

Sold added: ‘It’s an important concern and one we take very seriously. However, FIZZR certainly isn’t designed to promote excessive drinking and should be consumed responsibly. This is why we explicitly tell our customers to consume no more than six in one night.

‘Whenever we get asked questions like this, I often think to myself: people don’t tend to look at premium spirits and criticise them for making drinking easier.

‘A lot of people also tell us that FIZZR helps them easily keep track of exactly how much they’ve had to drink, allowing them to drink more responsibly and monitor their intake more precisely by just counting the number of sachets left in their pocket.’

The pair say that FIZZR has become an ‘essential’ for them on a night out. Like reverse Jesuses, they seem to have achieved the impossible.

You can order FIZZR online. Prices start at 3.95 for a pack of 10.

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