Little known trick to get free Waitrose coffee with new meal deal

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Waitrose is launching a new meal deal option, with a sneaky perk.

Costing £5 and launching on August 30, the new deal gives you three items for lunch -a sandwich, wrap, salad or sushi, along with a snack and a drink.

The best bit? myWaitrose loyalty card users get an extra treat.

If you show your card while buying a meal deal, and have a reusable cup to hand, you get a free cup of coffee at the same time.

So while £5 is more than some other supermarket meal deals that come between £3 to £4, if you consider the added cost of coffee alongside another meal deal, it’s actually not a bad offer.

Waitrose buyers have noticed sales for sandwiches have continued to climb, and as more people are back in the swing of office life, it only makes sense to make lunch a bit easier for shoppers.

Jennifer Moscardini, Waitrose Food to Go Buyer said: ‘We’re a nation of sandwich lovers. Sales are up nearly 40% since 2020. More people are working in offices again, and travelling more.

‘This lunchtime deal means our customers can get a great quality sandwich, wrap, salad or sushi, along with a snack and a drink for £5, and if they have a myWaitrose loyalty card, and a reusable cup they can get a free cup of coffee at the same time.

‘We haven’t compromised on our standards either. We use British Higher Welfare chicken, pork & beef in our sandwiches, MSC prawns and salmon, and the eggs come from free range hens.

‘This year we’ve introduced more meal deals than ever before to help customers with the cost of living crisis, as well as investing £100m in new lower prices.’

The other items included in the Waitrose meal deal include fruit, cereal bars, snack pots, juices and smoothies.

Will this rival your go-to lunch choice?

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