5 Hobbies To Get Into In 2021

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2021 is the year to try all of the most fantastic hobbies. As they say, the best time to start anything – is right now!

Hobbies are proven to make us happier, and we can all attest to being the happiest when we are indulging in the things we love to do.

Reading, writing, watching our favorite movies on repeat all count. But some other hobbies just feel a little bit cooler, or at least a bit more exciting!

According to Head to Health, different hobbies bring us a range of benefits, a few include:

  • Listening to music can help reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Creative hobbies give us a healthy bump in happiness that lasts through to the following day
  • Hobbies can improve self-esteem and feed into confidence

Not only do we get mental benefits, but we can also enjoy creatively spending our free time.

Musical instruments

If you love listening to music, then it might be time to be on the other end of the headphones – and create something for other people to hear.

You probably already appreciate all the hard work that goes into putting the music together that you listen to. But you will get a whole new appreciation when you start learning the notes.

The trouble can be with choosing which instrument you want to play. Guitar and piano are very popular options, and there are plenty of free tutorials available on YouTube.

Card games

card games

Card games have long been a pastime for millions of people, for thousands of years. The great thing about card games is that you can play them in person with friends and family or play them online as a solo pursuit.

The choice is yours. Some of the most popular games are patience, Uno, rummy, and poker. Take some time to learn the rules for playing poker, and before long, you’ll be playing for cash pots online! One of the best things about learning to play card games is that they can be very social. Most games are suitable for all ages – ideal for taking decks of cards to gatherings.

Need to start easy? Here are some of the best starter card games:

  • Spoons card game
  • Californian Speed
  • War
  • Spit card games
  • Scat

Digital art

It used to be that to create incredible digital artworks; you would likely need a course and Photoshop. However, now there are so many programs designed for all levels of artistic ability – and free online courses to help you make the most of the programs. Digital art will take time to learn, but the result is worth it.

Although this one might start as a hobby, you might find that your skills are in demand in the online world. Giving you a cool side-hustle to earn money. If you have a computer or a tablet, then you are ready to start exploring creating digital art.

Here are some free and paid software options for you to consider:

  • Krita – free – available on Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Procreate – around $10 – for the iPhone and iPad
  • MediBang Paint Pro – free – for windows and macOS
  • Artweaver – Free – windows


Planning on traveling or expanding your career? Learning a new language is a sure-fire way to make both of those things more fun and more accessible.

Learning a language can be problematic early on – getting to grips with pronunciation and tone changes. But after a while, you’ll be super excited to test out your skills.

You can learn the language any way that you like—classes every week, online courses, mobile phone apps – or a combination of all of them. You might choose to have a running subscription that offers a range of languages like Duolingo.

Here are some of the best language learning apps.

  • Duolingo – with both free and paid options – a massive range of languages, available as an app too.
  • Babble – monthly subscription – an interactive app that sticks with a traditional learning method.
  • Memrise – monthly subscription – this is ideal for learning conversational skills using real-world examples.


Doing it yourself isn’t new – but it might be new to you. Odd jobs around the home or completing more significant DIY projects and upcycling furniture might just be the hobby you are looking for. DIY is creative but takes an element of planning too. What works need to be done? What is the most cost-effective way to do it?

And which type of DIY will you enjoy doing?

Upcycling furniture can teach you new skills like upholstery, distressing, and if you choose to sell your goods, you’ll learn how to manage a business too. If you need some inspiration on cool projects, blogs and websites are dedicated to making IKEA furniture and turning it into beautiful pieces. DIY doesn’t just cover big items either; you can DIY some beautiful collage artwork, make sculptures, bookbinding, even bullet journalling counts as DIY!

If you have children in your life, or you love fairytales and myths, then creating mini fairy houses for the garden is a great DIY project. Terrariums and closed atmosphere spheres can be a stunning addition to your home and take any form you like. DIY covers so many different areas you’ll be hard pushed to narrow down your list to just a few projects.

A Few Parting Words

If you have spare time that you want to use more enjoyably and productively, then getting started on one of these fun hobbies is perfect. Once you get ready well, you might even turn your fun hobby into a side hustle and make some cash from your skills.  And they best bit? It doesn’t matter how many hobbies you have or try to find the one that works for you.

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